Bottleless Water Cooler, an Office Utensil for the 21st Century

By on January 30, 2013

Plumbed water cooler

A point of use water cooler can help relieve worry about keeping an office supplied and constantly having to get more bottles. This is true especially now that four major municipalities, New York, Seattle, San Francisco and Chicago, have banned government funding for bottled water. point of use water coolers represent the future.

A bottleless waster cooler conforms to the requirements of the cities that have banned government funding for bottled water. This will have a significant effect, as almost half of all bottled water sold in 2009 came from municipal tap water supplies.

A point of use water cooler can provide safer water in the long run, since it is filtered. In many cases, bottled water is nothing more than tap water which is more expensive than gasoline. On average bottled water costs 1000 times more than the cost of tap water. It is the bottle, not the water, most are paying for.

bottleless water coolers are the best way to option available. Furthermore, a bottleless water cooler does not require workers to risk any sort of injury or accident wielding an enormous five to seven gallon bottle and setting it in place.

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