Aging a Mini Whisky Barrel

If you are a whiskey aficionado you likely have a few questions about how whiskey is processed like why do small oak barrels age liquor faster. You will often see small oak barrels sitting on someone’s home bar. This video from Whiskey Dictionary shows you how to cure a small whiskey barrel so you can find out firsthand why do small oak barrels age liquor faster.

Small whiskey barrels for personal use can take a so-so whiskey and improve it. There are about 42 bottles per second of whiskey imported from Scotland, but not all whiskey is created equally. Some whiskey is smooth as silk, others have more of a bite. A small whisky barrel can help to age whiskey to a smoother finish.

This video shows you how to cure the small oak barrels for sale that you purchased to age your whiskey. This is one in a series of videos from Whisky Dictionary that explains how to improve your whiskey. Learn more about aging a barrel and how it can improve the taste of whiskey by watching this video now.