Ice Cream Makes for a Great Graduation Party Offering

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High school graduation is just a month away and you feel like you are getting everything in place. You have ordered the invitations for the party. You have mad sure that all of the out of town guests have places to stay. And you even know how many cars you will need to take to the downtown auditorium for the ceremony itself.

And just when you thought that you would need to start stressing about the reception menu, your daughter announced that she does not want anything but ice cream sundaes for her guests. She has planned her party to run from 1:30 to 4:30 in the afternoon and she knows that most of the guest will have already been to at least one party where lunch menus are being offered. In the middle of the afternoon, your daughter simply wants a brightly decorated table where guests can assemble their own ice cream sundaes. She has even found a website where you can order plastic spoons in the colors that she wants, as well as custom ice cream cups that will have a design that she has created.
And while you were willing to cook all morning getting ready for a much larger offering, your daughter’s plan seems simple, elegant, and fun. It is, after all, her party and you want to follow her wishes. Especially since it means that you will not have to go to much work except for making sure that the table stays neat and organized.

Ice Cream Is a Popular Treat Every Month of the Year
Although June is the month when the most ice cream is sold, the fact of the matter is nearly 9% of all the milk produced by U.S. dairy farmers year round is used to produce ice cream. And while there are any number of flavors available, vanilla remains the most popular flavor among their consumers at 28%, according to a recent survey of International Ice Cream Association member companies. If you are looking for a great, and easy way to serve guests who are coming to a middle of the afternoon graduation party you cannot go wrong by serving America’s number one frozen treat.