It Is No Longer Opinion Organic Is Better for You

Organic food

Do you buy organic food? If so, why? Do you read all of the new and emerging facts on healthy eating? Or is it just because you think that it is better? It may seem silly, but the organic foods movement is still a heated debate topic. Depending upon whom you ask you may get any number of different organic food definitions, all catered to how it serves the purpose of that specific organization.

But more importantly than the facts on healthy eating, we need to realize that most food studies are done by big industry organizations, displaying results that benefit them. And that is the reason behind the aforementioned organic food debate. The rise in its popularity can, will, and does hurt the big food corporate giants. So they will find any and all data, even if it is a stretch or requires a strategic omission of information, that can help to slander the facts on healthy eating of organic foods.

Plain and simple, food that is organic is grown and produced using the methods of organic farming. These are methods that do not involve the use of modern synthetic inputs, such as synthetic pesticides or chemical fertilizers. The foods are also not processed using irradiation, industrial solvents or chemical food additives. Essentially, you get the product as it came from the crop, or as it lived in the field.

The movement for organic food began all the way back in the 1940s, as a response to the industrialization of agriculture that was known as the Green Revolution. The industry that is organic food production is a heavily regulated process, and is separate from private gardening, which can result in organic produce as well.

The health effects of eating organic food have not be solidified in science yet, which is one of the main arguments its opponents use to defame organic foods. But, organic food is too new a thing to have sufficient data just yet. Only you can decide whether you want organic food or not. Just think of it as deciding whether you want to eat an apple that has been soaked in chemicals, or one that has grown fresh and naturally on a tree, with no additives at all. Natural or Chemical?