The Top Three Advantages Of Hosting An Event At A Golf Course

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The fact is that there is now more and more pressure for hosts of special events to set their events apart — and above — all others. Part of this is due to the proliferation of reality TV shows that feature extravagant events, from weddings to birthday parties. But part of it is because people have become bored with the typical special events, even those that are lavish. They want to see something different and engaging. While you shouldn’t feel like you need to break your back over creating the perfect special event, it’s understandable that you might want to do something to put a special, personal spin on your own event. More recently, golf courses have become identified as the perfect venues for a number of different events. You don’t have to play golf to recognize the beauty of a well-maintained course, and the green could easily shift from a sporting venue to the perfect place for a holiday brunch. There are several advantages to using a golf course as a venue, as we’ll explore below. Not only is a golf course beautiful — it’s also a far cry from the typical indoor venue that people are used to. Let’s dive into the advantages of using a golf course as a venue.

1. It Capitalizes On The Great Outdoors

Whether you’re looking to have a holiday brunch or a wedding, you can’t be blamed for wanting to have your special event outdoors. It’s estimated that 35% of weddings are now hosted outdoors, and with over 1,000 golf courses across the United States, you’ll have plenty of venues to choose from if you go down this path. A golf course is the perfect combination of the cosmopolitan and the great outdoors. While there is a natural beauty to a golf course, it’s also going to be well-maintained, and therefore less likely to have the issues that can come with using an outdoor venue (like bugs, odors, and much more). Golf courses are designed to be beautiful, and are often landscaped with beautiful trees and flowers, as well as ponds and even sometimes lakes. A golf course is also going to be located in a place more comfortable and less prone, ideally, to bad weather than other outdoor venues. After all, golf is a sport that is ideally played in good weather conditions. Essentially, those who want an outdoor event are getting the best of both worlds by using a golf course.

2. Food Options Are Diverse

Most golf courses in this day and age have onsite restaurants for you to take advantage of. This way, you can not only go indoors when you want to, but try great food. Many restaurants are also willing to work with clients on a menu — say, if you want a holiday brunch. Golf courses are no strangers to brunch, as this particular type of meal has been served on the green for years; though the British-born institution took 30 years to catch on in the United States. Catered outdoor meals are also options at some golf courses, with many being willing to set up outdoor tents and move the food there so that you can your guests can have that holiday brunch or special meal outside. If that’s the case, talk to the onsite caterer about the menu — a recent poll indicated that 67% of respondents chose “ethnic-inspired” foods as the hot trend of 2015, and there’s no sign of that trend dying down more recently.

3. Golf Courses Are Full-Service

Again, golf courses are places that really have everything. You can find a place to relax indoors and outdoors; there are bathrooms on hand, and places for people to cool off. You can be one with nature, or feel pampered — and you can even get food and beverages nearby. Golf courses will constantly have employees on hand to make sure that your guests feel cared for, and you don’t have to worry about anything falling to the wayside.