What is hummus

Roasted garlic hummus dip

Hummus is a Mid Eastern and Arabic dip that is basically made from chick peas and tahini. What makes hummus popular these days is that it is more than just a dip. In fact, it can be used in just about any recipe. So, these days when you ask what is hummus, it can be anything that you want it to be. For example, if you ask healthy conscious individuals what is hummus, they will probably tell you that it is the tastier and healthier alternative to traditional salad dressing. So, what is hummus? Well here are easy hummus recipes that will tell you what hummus is and why it is different for everybody.

What is hummus? Hummus is a nutritional food. Hummus is very nutritional because it is rich in iron, protein, vitamins and minerals and yet low on calorie. Hummus calories is significantly lower compared with the other hummus spread, dips and dressing. Examples of recipes with hummus that is very nutritious salad dressing is to mix wine vinegar, hummus guacamole and add a dash of salt and pepper. Another recipe is to mix two teaspoon of butter on a cup of hummus, add garlic and salt and pepper. This is also a salad dressing but can also be used as spread.

What is hummus? Hummus is a great dip or pizza sauce that kids will love. The good thing about hummus is that you can create the recipe that you need. For example, when it comes to creating healthy dip or pizza for your kids, what you can do is to simply use the hummus as the base for your pizza sauce. Add roasted tomato and garlic and other ingredients that you think your kids will like, shredded chicken. Aside from pizza you can also use it for salsa. In this, again you will use the hummus as a base. Then add chopped garlic, onions and tomato. For an even healthier option, you can add chopped hard boiled eggs.

What is hummus? Hummus offers you lots of options when it comes to your dip. Some of the most common and yet really awesome hummus dip are the roasted garlic hummus dip and the spicy hummus dip. Aside from these bestsellers, you can also find other great hummus dips, such as chipotle hummus, sun dried tomato hummus, jalapeno hummus, Asian fusion garden hummus, Greek olive hummus. Of course, the greatest thing about hummus is its nutritional value. So you might want to have really healthy hummus dips. You can try Tuscan garden hummus, southwest garden hummus, basil pesto hummus, spinach and artichoke hummus and roasted pine nut hummus. Hummus is therefore a healthy dip which you can use as substitute to high calorie dip and dressing. And to have a really healthy snack, you can substitute nachos, fries, potato chips and other with pita bread or toasted whole wheat bread.