Why to Plan a Golf Tournament As Your Next Fundraiser

18-hole golf courses

It’s possible that you’ve never played golf before, so this idea may seem a little strange to you at first. But golf is extremely popular, and if the weather is still suitable, there are plenty of people of all ages that are looking to play.

So why are you considering hosting one or more golf events? Are you fundraising for a nonprofit, or planning a corporate outing? In many cases, golf tournaments are fundraisers, in part.

There’s no such thing as a free golf tournament, so players more than likely have to pay their own entry fees. It is possible to allocate a portion of the entry fees to fundraising or charity, and some to pay for access to 18-hole golf course. Many golf courses will even subsidize the cost if you are able to prove that some proceeds will go to charity.

Non-profit organizations often rely on volunteers for fundraising golf events, because they are easy money-makers. Since the tournaments are usually pretty relaxed, friendly games, there are plenty of opportunities for socializing and promoting the host’s objective for hosting the tournament. Low-key environment like golf events are great ways to seek out potential new donors, allies, and board members for your organization.

You don’t have to be a member of a nonprofit to host a fundraising tournament,. It’s possible to use a golf tournament as an opportunity to raise money for a specific cause that is personal to you, like raising money for a loved one’s medical bills, or helping a family whose home has burned down.

The purpose of hosting a golf event tournament fundraiser is not to compete, but to promote a positive team minded atmosphere, where everyone is working toward and supporting a common goal. However, a little friendly competition never hurt anyone.

These types of fundraisers certainly require capital to plan, but by the end, with lots of entries, promotion, and support, they should pay for themselves.

Golf fundraisers can be structured in many different ways, with individual players, team events like captain and crew, best shot, as well as more creative ideas. Contact your local golf course for ideas, as many public courses have hosted these types of events in the past. If your event is successful, you may even want to make it an annual tournament!