2 Classic and Easy to Make Recipes Using Pecans

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It’s no wonder that many people enjoy including nuts within their weekly meals. Consuming nuts is a healthy part of almost any diet. In fact, a recent study was held conducting about 9,000 men and women in Spain. This study found that participants who ate various types of nuts at least twice each week were 31% less likely to gain weight versus those who didn’t consume this food weekly. While many people are eating peanuts, it’s important to know that the pecan is very important part of the nut family. In fact, a study from Loma Linda University found that eating pecans increases the presence of antioxidants within your body 24 hours after consumption. With that in mind, here are two easy and timeless recipes you can make with pecans.

Pecan Pie

One of the classic pecan recipes is the pecan pie. This pie is commonly served during Thanksgiving in the United States. That being said, you don’t have to wait until this holiday arrives in order to enjoy this dessert. To prepare your own pecan pie, let’s start with the crust.

In order to make the crust, simply take one pouch of cookie mix, a half cup of butter, and one egg. Mix these ingredients together in a bowl until a dough forms. You’ll want to take your dough and place it in a coated pan. Next, place the pan in an oven heated to 350 degrees Fahrenheit for 20-22 minutes.

For the pecan pie filling, you’ll need the following:

  • one cup of brown sugar
  • two tablespoons of flour
  • one half teaspoon of vanilla extract, salt, and baking powder
  • two eggs
  • one and a half cup of pecans

You’ll now want to begin stirring together these ingredients while your crust bakes in the oven. After 20-22 minutes have passed, take out the crust and pour in the previously mentioned filling ingredients.

Finally, place the pan back into the oven for about 10-15 minutes and your pie is finished. That being said, it’s important to let this pie cool for a few hours before it is ready to serve. Feel free to experiments with different varieties from the pecan family to create your own unique version of this dish.

Candied Pecans

One of the most important pecan benefits is that you can find many ways to prepare this nut. If you’re looking for something a little less decadent but as delicious, consider making candied pecans. This recipe is amazingly simple and it won’t leave you needing to clean up a lot of dishes.

Best of all, this treat for a healthy and versatile snack that you can make with many varieties of the pecan family. Here are the ingredients you’ll need to begin making this recipe:

  • one cup of pecans
  • one half cup of brown sugar
  • two tablespoons of water
  • one quarter teaspoon of salt and cinnamon in powder form

To begin, place everything but the pecans into a pan and place it over low to medium heat for a few minutes. You’ll know to remove the pan when you see the ingredients begin bubbling. Next, simply add your pecans into the bubbling mixture while mixing them around for a few more minutes. After this is completed, carefully pour out the pan onto some type of paper where the ingredients can safely cool. Once the candied pecans have cooled, they’re ready to eat.

To summarize, there are several simple recipes that you can make using pecans. The pecan family extends from the tree nut. It’s important to note that tree nuts are not in the same family as peanuts. The pecan family is more closely related to almonds, walnuts, cashews. Using the previously mentioned recipes are great ways to consume more nuts. In fact, research from Harvard shows that just two servings of nuts each day protect you from cancer, cardiovascular problems, and diabetes.