Finding the Right Kind of Coffee Machine Is an Advantage to Many Offices

Office coffee maker

This is the last day of Staff Appreciation Week at your child’s elementary school. Both the students and the families are so lucky to have such an amazing staff, and the parent organization has loved spoiling the teachers because they go above and beyond every day for the entire building of students.
As a way to celebrate the staff, today the parent group provided a coffee bar and muffins. The parent organization personally staffed these offerings and served the staff as they came through the lounge this morning. In addition, the parent group also gifted this new single cup coffee machine for the staff lounge.

Office Commercial Coffee Systems Help Your Workers Get Off to a Great Start

Getting started in the morning is easy for some and a challenge for others. No matter if you are great at getting started in the morning or you find it a struggle, commercial coffee and tea machines can help make sure that there is a level playing field. In fact, office coffee machines are the first stop that many people make on their way to their desks in the morning.
Whether you are a teacher in a building with a limited budget or you are a well paid executive, finding the right office coffee maker is an important priority. Consider some of these statistics about the role that coffee plays in the lives of individuals, as well as the impact that it has on the nation’s economy:

  • A rough morning can be a stressful way to start the day. Finding the right kind of energy is the morning often involves one or two cups of coffee.
  • Coffee, just a single cup, represents a contribution of 1.8 grams of fiber of the recommended daily intake of 20 to 38 grams.
  • Until a morning cup of coffee, many people feel as if they are not ready to face their work or their coworkers.
  • Productivity at work is essential. Research indicates that 46% of U.S. workers say coffee helps them stay productive at work.

  • One recent study shows that 200 mg of caffeine can help a person identify words and phrases faster than without coffee.
  • Finding the bet commercial coffee maker is the secret to making sure that everyone at the office who wants a cup of joe can get one.

  • Every kind of commercial coffee maker serves a different purpose. Although many large offices opt for large pot coffee machines, many smaller offices opt for single serve machines that allow for individual flavor choices.
  • New trends in coffee flavors and other hot drinks allow people to provide a wider selection to all of the coffee and tea drinkers in an office.
  • Estimates show that 54% of Americans over the age of 18 drink coffee every single day.
  • Realtors, doctors, teachers, and fire fighters often start their days with a cup of coffee.
  • Getting the coffee that you need in the middle of the day can help you achieve your late afternoon goals and deadlines.
  • Yearly statistics from the 2017 National Coffee Drinking Trends report indicate that 62% of respondents said they had drunk coffee the previous day.

When you get ready to start the day you may need A CUP OF ENERGY to be successful. Without the help of caffeine many people are able to start their mornings more productively and remain more focused throughout the day. If you are a member of a committee planning teacher appreciation events, you likely already know how important it is to make sure that coffee is a part of any staff lounge event. Gifting a new large commercial coffee maker or a single serve machine, is a present that can help those who are in charge of educating today’s youth.