3 Ways to Dress Up Your Drinks for 2016

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It?s no surprise that people are increasingly interested in learning how to make their own cocktails. Why not? It can be an interesting way to learn a new skill — and a great way to impress your guests. Being able to make a tasty, intriguing drink also has a lot of real world uses. You?ll have friends interested in picking your brains for everything from their house parties, to their wedding receptions.

It?s 2016, and you?re not a kid in college anymore mixing soda with vodka and calling it a day. How can you start bringing a bit more class to your drink mixes? Here?s a few ideas.

Edible Flowers

Did you know that many flowers are both edible and tasty? Flowers can be a great way to add a unique flavor to your drink. Some flowers like nasturtium have a more peppery taste (perhaps good for a bloody mary?) while others, like bee balm have a minty flavor (good for a grasshopper). Although you could try and forage the garden for variety, your best bet is likely buying a lot of these edible blossoms at once. Many companies sell crystallized edible flowers that won?t go bad and can be used on everything from drinks to cupcakes. Try adding a crystallized pansy to your next themed drink.

Fresh Fruit

It?s surprisingly easy to make a frozen margarita for your guests so long as you have some ice, fresh fruit (or frozen fruit), a mixer and tequila. This is a great option for people who don?t want to hand make every individual drink but still want something that tastes fresh and unique. Go for strawberries if you?re a traditionalist, or mix it up with some blueberries.

Invest in Better Serving Pieces

Are you still serving drinks to guests in mugs or plastic cups? This is a big no-no. Investing in a nice set of glasses so that you can serve your guests something in style is the way to go. Often, these sets don?t need to be as expensive as you?d think, especially if you buy them online or in bulk. Even just investing in a set of mason jars can be a way to create a more upscale vibe without killing the budget.

Whether it’s upgrading your kitchen’s serving ware, getting some strawberries at the local market, or investing in crystallized pansy garnishes, your next drink party can be a hit — and a classy one at that. Find out more here.