A Bit About Micro Herbs

Candied flowers

When it comes to micro herbs, the first thing most people have to do is define exactly what they are when addressing the typical person on the street. Microgreens are small leaves no more than two weeks old, and typically less than 1.5 inches in height, that are considerably more nutritionally dense than their adult vegetable counterparts. Unlike sprouts, which typically only have time to germinate a set of roots, micro greens require the same ingredients to spur growth as a typical vegetable, only with a dramatically truncated growing time. However, this span is usually at least a week long.

In addition to these micro herbs, sugar flowers are all the rage as well. Edible flowers are generally preserved via sugar solution and dried, making these flower crystals a gorgeous and sweet addition to many different dishes. However, the magic of edible flowers is hardly new, since monks in the Middle Ages used a similar preservation method involving sugar and mead to preserve violets over time. This solution was then used to treat colds and flu, so there is quite a long and storied history to crystallized sugar flowers in general!