America’s Love of Ice Cream From Vanilla to the Myriad of Flavors at Ice Cream Shops

Paper ice cream cups with lids

It’s a well-known fact that most Americans enjoy having dessert. While some may prefer a slice of cake or pie, others regularly indulge in ice cream and other types of frozen desserts. And yes, many Americans will enjoy ice cream with a variety of other desserts, such as the aforementioned cake and pie along with brownies, cookies, and assorted fruits and sauces.

According to research conducted by the NDP Group, in any given two-week period, 40% of people within the United States will enjoy some ice cream. This year, it is estimated that each ice-cream-loving American will enjoy dessert cups overflowing with ice cream an average of 28.5 times. Chances are, however, that they will enjoy indulging in delicious dessert cups of ice cream even more often. Even though more ice cream is produced in June than during other months of the year, it is a welcome frozen treat throughout the year.

It’s a good thing that 1.5 billion gallons of ice cream and similar types of desserts are produced every year in the United States.This is because 90% of American households choose to indulge in this and other sweet, frozen desserts. These include gelato and frozen yogurt along with ice cream bars and cakes.

While vanilla continues to be one of the most popular flavors for their consumers, according to an International Ice Cream member companies’ survey, there are so many other flavors that Americans enjoy to eat. The so-called traditional flavors of chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla continue to be favorites for many Americans. While these may be nostalgic flavors from childhood, so, too, are dulce de leche, jamoca almond fudge, pralines and cream, rocky-road, and so many others.

It goes without saying that while some ice cream lovers will always reach for their favorite flavors, others prefer to experience something new. This is just one of the reasons why so many Americans enjoy going out to their favorite ice cream parlors rather than only purchasing ice cream at the grocery store. Given all the flavors that are available at ice cream shops and parlors, individuals of all ages can taste something new.