Do Microgreens Have Benefits You Don’t Realize

Looking to eat healthy and create a diet that will be enough to support you can be a difficult decision for anyone. If you have found yourself wondering what organic micro greens can do for you than perhaps it is time to find out more about these types of greens and how exactly adding microgreens to salads will benefit not only your diet but will benefit your overall health as well. If you’ve been hearing things about organic micro greens but aren’t sure what they are or if they are the right choice for you, than perhaps it is time to look deeper into them and explore all of your options.

What is a microgreen?

Microgreens are what are typically baby plans. They are the type that are between a baby green and a sprout. Most young vegetables are actually considered to be microgreens and although many people don’t know it, these sprouts can be eaten and are typically a good source of not only vitamins but also possess a strong flavor for seasoning things as well as on their own. These microgreens also come in a number of different textures and colors that end up making a dish look even better than it may have before.

What is Considered a Microgreen?

Many of these you’ll know more as micro herbs! Among those that are considered to be a microgreen are chia, basil, mustard greens, watercress, arugula, chives, chard, and fennel. These types are only a few of the microgreens that you will find and be able to put in many of the dishes that you already cook to give them a new and interesting flavor that you may not have expected before. Not to mention a twist that will keep you going back for seconds.

Are Microgreens good for you?

One of the big questions that are often asked is if a microgreen could possibly be good for you. Cinsidering that they are small and full of flavor many people may believe that they aren’t much to think about. However, what one wouldn’t expect in this case proves to be quite true, microgreens have been proven to have many benefits that you may not have known about before. They have a high antioxidant content and they are a very functional food that have many health benefits that may just make you not so apprehensive to keep going back for more.

Are organic micro greens really a superfood?

microgreens tend to have a higher count of vitamins and minerals that do in fact make them fall under the category of superfoods. These small veggies and shoots make it so that you are getting more out of your food than you might expect. These superfoods are better for you and provide you with a better balance of nutrition than one might think.

The next time you hear the words organic micro greens thrown around and you find yourself wondering if you should take that jump in trying something new and adding to your diet, do know that these types of microgreens are a benefit for your health and may even be something that you find yourself regularly enjoying. With so many added benefits within these shoots and greens you really can’t go wrong by making the decision to try them out and invest yourself in something brand new. Give your diet a new flavor and something fun to look forward to by adding organic micro greens to the next dish you make.