Food Preparation Safety

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Did you know there are courses you can take on food handling safety? People can often be mis informed about food safety facts. Take the so called “five second food rule” where people think they can eat food that has fallen to the floor withing 5 seconds. This was actually disproved by a high school student by the name of Jillian Clarke while doing an internship in 2003 at the University of Illinois. Even though the “five second rule” was disproved, people are most likely to pick something up and eat it if they just dropped it if it is sweet, rather than something that is savory.

When you take a food preparation safety course you will also learn about the areas that are contaminated with the most bacteria. For instance, did you know that shopping cart handles, restaurant menuse, magazines in your doctor’s office and public door handles are contaminated with bacteria? They are the worst. Your vacuum brush and public door handles are really bad too. These are just one reason why you should practice food safety guidelines and wash hands often. Food preparation safety rules must be followed as well. You can find all kinds of food safety tips online.

You must really know the temperatures regarding food safety as well. If you are going to work in the food industry, say in a restaurant, you must learn all about food preparation safety. There is a lot more to it than you may think. Each commercial kitchen should have a kitchen sanitation checklist that they follow. Safety and sanitation in the kitchen is of utmost importance for anyone, especially people in the commercial food industries. It can take from 24 to 58 hours for a case of food poisoning to show up.

Foods should be kept at the right temperature range in your commercial or you can be sued by someone who gets sick from eating in your restaurant. When you learn about food preparation safety you will learn that the best temperatures for bacteria to grown on food is between 41 degrees and 145 degrees Fahrenheit. Find out more by taking a course of food preparation safety. You can find a food preparation course on the internet and taking a food preparation safety course online is quick, easy, convenient and affordable today.

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