For the Love of Chocolate, Save the Earth

Kosher chocolate

Who doesn’t love chocolate? Chocolate could arguably be one of the most popular substances in the world, at least as far as those who love to indulge their sweet tooth are concerned. And perhaps one of the most exciting and loved aspects of the delightful treat is that it is so incredibly versatile. Chocolate ice cream, chocolate fudge, chocolate drinks, chocolate cookies, just a plain and simple bar of chocolate itself. You could add chocolate to just about anything and your original concoction will immediately be improved. And if you can manage to get your hands on wholesale professional chocolate, all the better!

Why your life will be vastly better when it includes wholesale professional chocolate
For starters, if you are a true chocolate fan, what could there possibly be that you wouldn’t love about wholesale chocolate? Sure, there are those who warn against the dangers of too much sugar, and of course, they are not to be ignored or discounted, but life is meant to be lived and loved and thoroughly enjoyed, and chocolate is a significant part of that enjoyment. And there is such a thing as responsibly consuming recommended amounts, but let’s say you exercise more than the recommended amounts, doesn’t it then lead to the conclusion that you could enjoy just a bit more chocolate than the recommended amount? And if you can purchase wholesale professional chocolate, you will have a pretty hefty supply of high quality chocolate to indulge in.

From a seed in the ground to wholesale professional chocolate

The precious and beloved product that we consume in such a blissfully bountiful array of different ways comes from the cacao tree, native to American rainforests. These trees can have a lifespan of about a hundred years, but they do not start bearing fruit until they are about six to eight years old, and most are only economically productive for around 60 years. There are certain hybrids that can begin producing fruit as early as three years of age. A single cacao tree is capable of producing more than 6,000 flowers in just one year, as these amazing plants are able to bear fruit and flower all year round. From the cacao beans come the product we know as cocoa, which becomes the delicious chocolate we cannot get enough of, and from there comes the joy of wholesale chocolate.

Chocolate across the globe

Whether you are looking for the delicious taste of pure dark chocolate, hoping to surprise someone special with gourmet chocolate gift boxes, indulge in heavenly chocolate truffles, or many other options, you are in the company of a vast number of fellow human beings across the planet who seek to enjoy the finer things in life, as you do. About 20% of the entire world’s chocolate consumption is accounted for in the United States alone. And every year there is an estimated 7.2 million metric tons or more of chocolate consumed worldwide. The demand is certainly high, and for good reason. It is absolutely delectable. The only problem with that is the problem with high demand for many other goods in this world: the resources.

Protecting the plants and the planet
Yes, cacao trees produce an astonishing number of flowers each year. But 1,000 beans only amount to about one kilogram of chocolate! So it makes sense that the price of some of the finer chocolates seem to be a bit high. And it also makes sense that farmers and plantation owners are working to protect the trees they do have. While cacao trees have spread to other areas of the globe, they thrive best under the shade of taller tropical trees, and near water, like say, on the edge of the Amazon River. Protecting the natural habitats of these plants should trump our need to consume excess amounts, however difficult that may be.

It is possible to enjoy the delights that this amazing planet provides, like chocolate, without stripping it from the earth altogether. Responsible consumption will keep generations to come licking their lips at the mention of chocolate.