Ice Cream Three Different Types To Try

Plastic tasting spoon

There’s a lot more to ice cream than what meets the eye. The ice cream that you try with plastic tasting spoons in parlors, for example, has a very different flavor than the ice cream that you buy from the grocery store in tubs. You’ll probably notice that it also doesn’t taste much like frozen yogurt, and has a decidedly different texture from Italian gelato. The world of ice cream is surprisingly diverse. In fact, you may not know it, but ice cream has a storied history. It stretches back to ancient times, when ice cream was first invented — in one form or the other — by the Chinese. It would extend throughout the Middle East, and eventually, as time passed, make its way to the Roman empire. Now we universally love ice cream — or at least, something very similar to ice cream. What some countries compare to ice cream, we might find very different. Whereas our version of ice cream is very dairy-dependent, some use shaved ice and fruit to make something equivalent to ice cream. No matter where you are in the world, chances are that you’ll find something similar to ice cream. So with that being said, let’s look at ice cream and its “cousins”.

1. American Ice Cream

After centuries of being in circulation, ice cream still remains one of the most popular types of desserts in America. However, there are many variations on American ice cream. For one thing, ice cream is now offered in different types and consistencies — to better suit every American’s specific needs. For the lactose intolerant, ice cream can now be made with soy milk. Then there are those who need or prefer ice cream with less sugar. Sugar-free ice cream has therefore entered on the market, and for that matter reduced fat ice cream is an option as well. Usually, you won’t see this type of ice cream being offered on plastic tasting spoons in a shop. Often times, ice cream like this is more likely to be found at grocery stores in big tubs. American ice cream doesn’t have any single iconic flavor, though at 28% vanilla remains the most popular flavor out there. In fact, American ice cream has adapted things like candy brands into flavors. Typically, this type of ice cream can “keep” longer than some other types.

2. Gelato

Gelato is often seen as the Italian version of ice cream. However, it’s actually a completely separate product, and provides a very different experience. If you walk into a gelato shop and ask to taste test a flavor, they’ll usually be ready to offer them on plastic tasting spoons. Italian gelato makers take pride in their product. They’re known for their dozens of flavors, often made with fresh products. The use of fresh and natural products can make it difficult to preserve gelato, though not impossible. Although the ingredients in gelato are similar to those in American ice cream, the process of creating it is different. While American ice cream has 50% air after the churning process is finished, gelato only has 30% air. It also has three to 8% milkfat, which is more than the amount found in American ice cream. Therefore, gelato is a richer, creamier product overall. If anyone offers you plastic tasting spoons loaded with gelato, you should take them up on the offer immediately.

3. Frozen Yogurt

Frozen yogurt was once a more niche product — but it’s grown in popularity over the past few years. Now you can find frozen yogurt shops all over the place, and they’re certainly popular among the younger crowds. Frozen yogurt is a more tart product than ice cream or gelato, and its consistency is a bit looser. A great thing about frozen yogurt is that it’s often offered alongside a variety of ingredients. This adds an extra bit of flair to frozen yogurt, making it more exciting and colorful.