How to Make Your Ice Cream Shop More Appealing to Customers

What makes a treat picture-worthy for social media? Simply put, attractive food gets people going. While the lighting, filters, and perhaps the person posting the image all have an effect, food vendors should not despair. There are a few details that are within their control that they can implement to encourage their customers to advertise the food for them. Here’s how to get started.

What Makes a Food Product “Attractive?”

Yes it is an odd question. But it is one that any independently owned food vendor must consider. Take an ice cream shop for example. An ice cream cone can be nostalgic, especially with the right photo filter. But you don’t want to wait and hope that a customer will take it upon themselves to figure out how to make your product look social media-worthy.

The Ice Cream Cup or Cone: How Colorful, Quirky Containers Appeal to the Masses.

Ice cream containers can be edible or non-edible. Both have their perks. Non-edibles can be colorfully branded. Custom cups are not a must, but it can be a good advertising method, as people generally walk around outside with their frozen treat. Other people will see the dessert and wonder where they can get themselves some ice cream. This is why you need branded dessert cups.

Edible serving cups and bowls are always appreciated. Big ice cream cones with special features stand out. Whether dipped in chocolate, sprinkles, nuts, or another interesting edible, people enjoy the visual of a large cone. Make your ice cream shop’s cones memorable.

The Structure: How to Build Artful Ice Cream Sundaes.

Ice cream sundaes can be a thing of beauty to a hot and hungry customer. Social media has exploded recently with unusual ice cream sundaes. These desserts are worthy of notice because of their daring features. Some are overflowing with toppings. Others have taste-defying new flavors. Many are notable for mixing unlikely combinations. The trend here seems to be that experimenting does not go unnoticed by customers. Everyone wants to be the first to try the next big thing. If you make your shop’s ice cream sundaes interesting, people will want to let everyone know they’ve tried it first.

Why Is Ice Cream Popular On Social Media?

Most people love ice cream. The average person will eat ice cream over 28 times each year. The U.S. produce about 1.5 billion gallons of ice cream annually. People love eating ice cream, but they also love sharing it will other people. This is one reason why ice cream sundaes make frequent appearances on social media platforms.

The other reason is that ice cream is surprisingly camera-friendly. Make your ice cream shop’s products social media-ready. It’s just smart marketing. Colorful cups and spoons is a start. But don’t limit yourself or your workers. Experiment with flavors. Build gravity-defying ice cream sundaes. Remember to have fun, as that is what your customers are responding to, and what they will want to share with others.