A Look At The Coffee Industry In the United States

From the hot soup (and hot soup container) to the caffeinated and uncaffeinated tea alike, coffee shops have long been providing far more than just mere coffee. But coffee is still a hugely important part of the typical day for many who are living in the United States, and it will continue to be for the foreseeable future. In fact, the coffee market in the United States is a hugely prosperous one that has an estimated worth of around forty eight billion dollars – nearly fifty billion dollars -, a number that continues to grow with the years (and as people’s love for coffee deepens. Coffee preparation is common in the home (where it has recently risen by as much as four percent, with more than eighty five percent of all regular coffee drinkers enjoying at least one cup of coffee in the comfort of their own homes, often saving money in the process), but coffee shops remain common and largely popular, from the common chain coffee shops that can be spotted on nearly every corner to the locally owned coffee shops that often offer specialty blends and drinks, as well as food items like the hot soup container.

Coffee drinking is so common in the United States that the average person will drink at least one and half cups a day. Among regular coffee drinkers, it is far from abnormal to see them drinking as many as three cups in the span of just twenty four hours, with the average coffee cup size at just about nine ounces. And when it comes to their coffee, everyone has an opinion on how to best consume it. For instance, only around thirty five percent of all regular coffee drinkers take their coffee black with absolutely no cream or sugar, while as much as sixty five percent of the coffee drinking population will add both cream and sugar or one or the other to their coffee every time that they drink it (or nearly every time, depending on the individual coffee drinker). And while the traditional cup of brewed coffee remains hugely popular, independent coffee shops have had much success with selling specialty coffee drinks.

These specialty coffee drinks typically range from espresso, of which independent shops sell a huge amount of, often making up thirty percent of their sales, and espresso based drinks like the latte or the cappuccino. This specialty coffee, which includes iced coffee drinks as well as cold brew, has become popular, if even just on an occasional basis, with a solid half (fifty percent) of the entire population of the United States. And beverages aren’t all the independent coffee shops have to offer their often very loyal customers, though smoothies, tea, and other beverages are also often offered in addition to the more typical coffee drinks provided. Many independent coffee shops have now begun to offer food options as well, ranging from locally provided pastries to hot soup in a hot soup container. The hot soup container has become particularly popular, especially among people who have stopped in for lunch or a light meal at another point during the day. The hot soup container provides an often necessary portability to the food, but the hot soup container also keeps the food fresh for longer. A hot soup container is likely to be ideal for someone who is looking for a quick bite to eat, but something more hearty and filling than a mere pastry or sandwich option (though a sandwich and hot soup container often go perfectly together).

Whether you prefer a cup of plain black brewed coffee or you are more partial to tea or a specialty coffee drink such as latte or cappuccino (or even a shot of espresso), coffee shops – particularly independent coffee shops – have risen to prominence in the United States and can provide just the type of service that you are looking for. Many even also include food options such as the hot soup container or pastry, providing a light meal or snack for the typical coffee patron stopping in for breakfast.