Hummus Dips are Tasty and Nutritious

Roasted red pepper hummus dip

In recent decades, hummus dips have gained popularity in the United States. This comes as no surprise to the many Arabic Americans, who have preserved hummus dips for centuries. In fact, Arab Americans have long recognized hummus as a good source of essential vitamins and other nutrients, and vary calorie dense. This makes hummus great for life in drier Mediterranean or arid climates, and also a tasty snack.

So what is hummus? Called hummus bi tahini in Arabic, hummus dips comprise the hummus, or chip peas, and tahini yogurt, a sesame seed paste. Hummus nutrition consists of the amino acid methionine in tahini, and a good source of dietary fibers and protein for chickpeas. A teaspoon of hummus contains 25 calories and 2 g of carbohydrates, and a full serving often has one percent of recommended vitamin B6, riboflavin, calcium, and even potassium.

Arab Americans have led the way with easy hummus recipes, which manufacturers have taken with gusto. There are recipes for spicy hummus dips, roasted garlic hummus dips, eggplant hummus dips, and more. Any of these can be used as sandwich spread or sandwiches, in addition to pita bread and vegetable dips.

The next time anyone wants a tasty snack, they should consider hummus dips. Not only do hummus dips taste great, but are also nutritious. They also reflect the rich culture that Arab Americans have brought to the United States.