How International Cuisine has Become a Symbol of the American Food Industry

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Pizza is a popular commodity no matter where you land in the United States. From New York to Chicago all the way to California, pizza has become an American rite of passage. So how would you feel about the idea that pizza actually originated in the Neolithic era? Then, in the late 1900s, pizza finally made its way to America thanks to the surge of Italian immigrants. These factors have led to the worldwide spread of pizza and is a big reason why you have so many options for pizza delivery Miami. Miami Beach delivery also has options for online pizza delivery Miami, so start your online search by finding out what your options are for pizza delivery Miami.

A famous Chinese dish named General Tso’s Chicken is named after the Chinese equivalent to General Sherman, though it is not known why the dish was made to be spicy. Another interesting food fact would be that, in the United States alone, Chinese restaurants outnumber McDonald’s fast food locations 3 to 1. You might not believe it but that is true. On top of that, the infamous Chinese takeout container made of folded paper was first seen in 1894, in Chicago, Illinois. The spread of Chinese food in America is synonymous with the spread of pizza delivery Miami. To find out where you can order Chinese delivery miami, start by asking around to see who friends, family, and colleagues recommend. If you have trouble finding any good suggestions, try searching for services that allow you to order food online miami like pizza delivery Miami.