Lids, Paper Cups And Stirrers What A Good Coffee Shop Needs To Thrive

White disposable coffee cups

Coffee makes the world go ’round. You could even consider it the planet’s very own liquid gold. People love it for its flavor, its energy-boosting caffeine and its flexibility in all sorts of fun recipes. The United States, in particular, is a busy country that regularly relies on the support of coffee to distribute nationwide and worldwide. How is your shop holding up? Coffee isn’t just as simple as ‘to add creamer or to not add creamer’. It’s the kind of lids you stock. The custom paper cups that advertise your brand outside the store. Coffee accessories are an entire industry in of themselves, so let’s take a look at what you (and your customers) might be missing.

Coffee Health Fun Facts

Coffee isn’t just tasty. It’s good for you! Studies have shown three to five cups of coffee per day can help prevent the cognitive decline associated with aging. That’s a near 65% decrease in Alzheimer’s or dementia, two degenerative diseases with no known cure. On the other hand, too much caffeine can be detrimental for those that have high blood pressure, heart problems or certain anxiety disorders. It’s all about moderation!

America’s Influence On A Classic Drink

Did you know the retail value of the American coffee market is estimated at a whopping $48 billion? When you’re wondering how this number got so high, look no further than its import rates. The country imported over 28 million bags of coffee in 2014 alone, accounting for a quarter of the total coffee output worldwide and cementing it as the world’s largest buyer.

Customers’ Buying And Drinking Habits

Before we get into what customers like to drink, let’s take a glance at their general habits when it comes to this famous drink. Coffee preparation at home is up 4% from the last few years, with regular coffee drinkers reporting they make their own as much as they visit their favorite cafe. The majority of all coffee is bought during breakfast hours, with the rest between meals or on the dinner table. American consumers, on average, drink a cup and a half of coffee per day.

Customers’ Favorite Drink Additions

What do customers like in their coffee? A little bit of everything is a good place to start. Around 35% of coffee drinkers are thought to prefer black coffee, while the rest (and majority) like to add a little sugar or cream to reduce the bitterness. The two primary types of coffee, Arabica and Robusta, are used in the majority of coffee shops. However, the specialty world generally prefers the former.

Accessories You Shouldn’t Be Without

What separates a mediocre coffee experience from a great one? It’s all in the accessories. Since coffee is frequently ordered hot (particularly in the colder months or in the morning), the last thing you want is a customer burning themselves and filing a complaint. Lids should be tight and made of a durable plastic, while paper cups should be accompanied with sleeves for easy handling. Cups with lids, coffee stirrers, to-go plugs…they’re all part of the experience.

The Key To Making Your Shop Stand Out

A good coffee shop needs to make a strong cup that can be carried by hand, in the car or enjoyed at the table. Independent coffee shops are making a collective $12 billion in yearly sales, with some estimates seeing them create 30% or more of espresso-based drinks. Whether you want to reinvent your lids or try out a different kind of paper coffee cups, make sure you have everything properly lined up for the next customer that comes through the door. After all, they likely need a good latte or Americano to get them through school, the work week or an errand run.

With well-supplied coffee accessories, you definitely won’t let them down!