Event Planning and Catering Require Close Attention to Detail

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August first and counting. As you help your daughter prepare for her upcoming wedding you are able to take care of any of the details that she wants you to. The fact that you have done so much to handle the details of the events and catering means that she has had the chance to spend time with her friends planning other details. From gifts for the bridesmaids to plans for the table decorations, your daughter has always been more interested in the fun, small details than the making sure the contracts and other necessary papers are in place. Your husband jokes that you and your daughter are the perfect combination for planning this upcoming event.
Whether you are looking for a small location for a formal holiday gathering for coworkers or you are searching for a large full service venue for a wedding, the important details of events and catering can be difficult to mange. For this reason, many people work with an event planner to make sure that all of the details are correctly handled and that no questions are left unanswered and no details are left undone.
Whether you have a full year or only a few weeks left to make sure that all of your plans are in place, making sure that you have special event catering services in lace so that you can rest easy that your plans will e carried out.
When Was the Last TIme That You Helped Plan for a Large Event or Celebration?
The menu for a wedding reception can be difficult to manage if you are not knowledgable about the kind of decisions that need to be made. From the decisions about how to serve the food to exactly what will be on the menu, the best event planner can provide expert advice and assistance. Consider some of these facts and figures about the events and catering industry:

  • The decision to hire an off-site caterer who provides plated, pre-ordered meals is often less expensive than serving a buffet or setting up food stations.
  • Hungry guests and wedding party members appreciate a a late-night snack. In fact, more and more brides and grooms and their parents are opting to serve an extra snack around 10 p.m., often something as simple as a sliders bar or personal pizza stations.
  • Estimates indicate that there are as many as 321,400 U.S. people working in the catering and food service management industry.

  • Brides have a lot of really fun and really touching ideas going into their wedding. It often takes the skill of a wedding or event planner to help work through all of the plans and dreams and come up with a day that will satisfy the bride, as well as keep a budget in mind.
  • In a Great Gatsby themed wedding, tea sandwiches, glittering decorations, champagne towers, and champagne cocktails are currently trending.
  • Good caterers, and their staffs, should be aware of and comply with food regulations that are current and the food safety laws that can vary from state to state.

  • Exact recipes can be adjusted to cope with food allergies, and cooking methods can be altered to conform to personal preferences and religious dietary requirements. It is important, however, to tell caterers about any special needs or accommodations that you may have.
  • Various organic and sustainable ingredients become more and more available as brides and grooms want to make sure that their wedding menus have at least one green course listed.
  • Every caterer has to manage a staff of cooks, servers, dishwashers, and cleaners, while at the same time they ensure their team is aware of all schedules, serving customs, place settings, and food safety regulations.
  • Not every catering service is the same, but some caterers may also want to be in charge of decorations, table arrangements, and food presentation plans.
  • The planning for a wedding or corporate event have many similarities. The reservations needed for the event halls and the caterers require deposits and contracts. Many times it is beneficial to work with events and catering planner to see that all of the details are in place in advance.

It is August first. How many days do you have left for planning? Make sure you have all details in place.