Making Hispanic Food At Home


Hispanic food is a popular treat for many. Those without a family background do not often attempt to cook Hispanic food at home. While some foods like empanadas can be difficult for home cooks, there are many Hispanic dishes that can be made at home.

Arroz con pollo is a basic dish many people can make at home. This succulent chicken and rice dish can be spiced many different ways and does not require any special cooking tools. Ceviche is another dish that can be made by home cooks.

There are many variations and ceviche recipes available in books and online. Ceviche is usually composed of raw fresh seafood, citrus juice and spices like chilies or coriander. Ceviche and its many variations are found in many communities with access to fresh seafood.

Enchiladas are another item of Hispanic food many people are familiar with. Enchiladas are tortillas filled with meat, cheese or vegetable fillings and covered in a special sauce. Enchiladas are a popular home cooked meal and item on many restaurant menus.

Completing the meal, many people enjoy a dish of flan. Flan is a thick custard that is cooked in an oven, and when turned out of its cooking vessel has a signature layer of caramel flow across the top and down the sides.