Providing Coffee for Employees and Patients Is a Wise Decision

Contracting with an office coffee company is a good investment. In hotel lobbies, office break rooms, and medical waiting areas, the decision to make sure that there is always a fresh cup of coffee available shows your guests, your workers, and your patients that you care about their comfort and that you value their time.

Hotel lobbies serve as gathering points for guests who are in the middle of their stay, as well as for those who are just arriving or just leaving. A hot cup of great tasting coffee serves as an invitation to enjoy a hotel lobby space, creating a community that might even encourage guests to book future stays. Hotel beverage supplies are growing increasingly popular in locations across the nation where chains want to provide a welcome environment for both short term and long term guests.

For offices that contract with an office coffee company, the investment often pays for itself. Every time that a worker is able to get a cup of coffee without leaving the office, the worker is being more productive. Likewise, an office coffee provider can make sure that your employees always have clean pots and fully stocked supplies of the caffeine that so many people desire while they are working their shifts. Whether workers fill their own mugs or make use of disposable office coffee cups, business coffee solutions are a great way to thank your workers for their efforts. As employees gather at the coffee pot at the start of every day, they are able to not only socialize but check in with each other on upcoming projects and deadlines.

Waiting rooms in all kinds of medical buildings are also busy places where patients often find a cup of coffee a way to relax. From dentist offices to pediatrician offices, having coffee and other hot beverages available can make the wait seem less stressful. For both the patients themselves, and the parents or care givers, a medical waiting area can be a stressful space, but some of that stress can be relieved if there is a comforting cup of coffee available.

The latest research shows that 54% of Americans over age 18 drink coffee every day, and that the average U.S. coffee drinker consumes 3.1 cups per day. These statistics alone demonstrate the reason why providing coffee to hotel guests, employees, and patients is always well received.