Pumping Precious Liquid Around the Planet

Air-operated double diaphragm pumps

When it comes to the movement and transportation of large amounts of liquid or substances, you want to make sure that you can safely do so without compromising the product at all. However there also needs to be an efficient way to do so, as the rate at which these products can be moved will affect the profit or sometimes even the quality of the substance in question. This is where industrial barrel pumps come in. Using industrial barrel pumps for your business, whether you are somehow involved in the production, transportation, or inspection of beverages, food products, or pharmaceuticals, is crucial to getting the job done right.

Why industrial barrel pumps are important

Industrial barrel pumps, and the careful use of them by skilled and trained workers, are significant to getting a job done the right way. As these pumps can often be used for the transport or transfer of corrosive chemicals, or valuable water, it is paramount that the movement of those liquids be handled with the utmost care and caution. Many of these mechanisms are air-operated double diaphragm pumps, which is a machine that connects two different diaphragms separating the liquid and air, connected to each other by a shaft that alternates. The pump uses compressed air in order to direct the fluid to where it needs to go, at a much faster rate than it would otherwise be transferred. These specialized pumps make work in water removal, the cleaning of pipes and other such systems, and spraying much more efficient.

Different types of pumps
While the use of industrial pumps typically occurs when the handling of large volumes of liquid is necessary, sanitary pumps are often used for relatively smaller amounts, which would still be a significant amount to handle without the use of any pump at all. Sanitary pumps are often used for food and beverage, such as the addition of flavoring into a drum of craft beer. In this case, a drum pump would be necessary. Drum pumps are often used for the transportation or transfer of fluids from a 55 gallon barrel or drum, and the process becomes significantly more simplified with that pump than it would have been otherwise.

Movement of liquids around the world

It has been estimated that the worth of exports that are in some way related to water technology sits right around $2.7 billion. While there are plenty of valuable liquids and substances, water could probably be considered the most valuable, as a resource for operations but more vitally as a necessity for human life. Unfortunately it is also one of the scarcest and most sought after resources in some parts of the world. Everyone on this planet should have access to clean, usable, drinkable water, and yet that is too often not the case. One projection has the global demand for water jumping from 4,500 cubic kilometers to around 6,350 cubic kilometers over the span of 20 short years. While this may not seem too significant, when the current status of lack of access to proper water supplies and sources are considered, it becomes apparent just how dire the situation is and can become. Providing pumps and other safe and secure ways to transport and deliver safe water is essential.

There are many different aspects of industrial and sanitary pump operations. Some jobs or projects might not seem quite as essential or groundbreaking as others. But simply being a part of the industry and profession that can provide so much around the world is no small thing. As the technology for liquid transportation and transfer continues to develop, so must the applications spread more widely across the globe. When both the people and the planet are better cared for, we will know that we have started moving in the right direction.