Should You Be Eating Wild-Caught Fish?

Wagyu steak online

The U.S. discovered in 2001 that between 60 to 80% of the total amount antibiotics being produced was given to farmed livestock via their feed, and not sick people as one would expect. A fear of over-medicated meat is one reason why more consumers are buying a different type of protein. If you were to glance at any specialty grocery store’s meat section today, you would see labels such as “grass fed beef,” or “free range pork.” There is a strong indication that these types of meat do carry significant health benefits, but some consumers may need to make their purchase through an online vendor.

Would You Buy Wild-Caught Alaskan Salmon Online?

Consumers can now purchase just about any type of protein online. Packed in coolers and covered with dry ice packs, most meat can be expressed-shipped straight to your door. This is a good option for those cooks who are unable to find what they’re looking for at their local grocery stores, and instead must buy wild-caught Alaskan salmon online. The reason why comes down to availability: there may not be a demand for pasture raised pork or free range chicken at their local grocery stores.

Can You Really Buy Quality Meats Online?

Some consumers may feel that purchasing raw meat through an online vendor is somehow unwise. This squeamishness is likely due to rawness of the meat, and a fear of contamination. While it is of course dangerous to allow meat to sit at certain temperatures for extended periods of time, meat shipped through the mail is frozen before shipment, stays frozen during shipment, and is of course expedited through the mail system. It is a perfectly safe method for purchasing meats that you cannot find anywhere else.

Why Are There So Many New Options For Meat?

If you were to buy wild-caught Alaskan salmon online, or pasture raised pork, you might wonder about the terms applied to the meat. These are not new terms marketing teams came up with to fool you. Cows ate grass for thousands of years, just as pigs ran around through pastures eating what they pleased, just as salmon have been swimming in the ocean and rivers. The “special” meat is from animals that are allowed to do what they’ve been doing for a long time. The result has been more flavorful meat with higher levels of key nutrients.

What Health Benefits Are Found In Wild Meats?

The National Nutrient Database has found that wild salmon has about 32% fewer calories than farmed salmon. This is likely owing to wild caught having 13 grams of fat for farmed salmon’s 27 grams, as found in half of a filet. For beef, grass fed has higher levels than grain fed of omega-3 fatty acids, and vitamins A and B as well.

We know collectively that the food we eat effects our health. We now understand that what the animals eat will have an effect on us through their meat. In the case of farmed meat versus wild, it is better to use old-fashioned methods. If your local grocery store doesn’t agree, you may have to buy wild-caught Alaskan salmon online in the meantime.