Spice Things Up With Some Exciting Recipes For Salsa

Recipes with salsa dip

What is salsa? Salsa is a delicious mixture of vegetables and herbs and spices that is popular in Mexican cooking. Usually served cold, salsa generally consists of tomatoes, onions and peppers are main ingredients and different versions and types of salsa main contain a variety of other ingredients. Other common ingredients in salsa are garlic, cilantro, and hot peppers. Salsas usually have some spicy kick to them which comes from various hot peppers. Jalapeno peppers are common in salsa and some of the spicier varieties of salsa may have hotter peppers, like habaneros. Regional and other specialty salsas may have corn, beans, tomatillos, or other ingredients in their salsa recipes.

A serious pro for eating salsa is that it is a healthy choice. Fresh salsa calories are minimal and there is generally no fat in salsa. Because salsa is comprised of mainly vegetables and herbs it offers a healthy dose of vitamins and antioxidants. Specific salsa nutrition facts are located on labels of store bought salsa to give you an idea of what is in there. Of course, making your own salsa with fresh vegetables, or even better organic vegetables, is your healthiest choice. Many store bought salsas use cooked tomatoes and some would argue that fresh tomatoes in salsas like pico de gallo salsa dips or classic mild salsa dips are the way to go.

Eating salsa with tortilla chips is a common way to snack on salsa. But what about incorporating salsa into your meals? There are some excellent recipes using salsa available that can add tons of flavor to your food. You can find lots of recipes using salsa for mexican dishes like taco, burritos, and enchiladas but you can also find recipes using salsa that are more outside of the box. Take a piece of fish for example. A fillet of chilean sea bass could lend itself well to a spicy mango salsa served with grilled corn.

Both store bought and fresh home made salsas can make for some tasty snacks and delicious entrees. You can find recipes online that chefs have created as well as recipes using salsa that home cooks have come up with. Some websites have reviews and comments that you can read to see who successful these recipes are. Check out some unique recipes using salsa today. Learn more at this link.