Stay Healthier By Eating High Fiber Foods

Whole grain cereal

The United States farmland has about 4.5 million acres of farmland the is recognized as organic farmland. More people today are demanding organic foods. As a result, the natural food stores are stocking their shelves with high fiber foods that are organic. In fact, there are 20,000 natural food stores where people can go and shop for organic cereal and whole grain cereal for the family. High fiber cereal is very healthy.

Since celiac disease affects about 3 million Americans, it is important for them to find alternative high fiber foods that will not affect this autoimmune disease that causes them to be gluten intolerant. The good news is that people who are gluten intolerant can now buy gluten free cereal. Everyone should be able to eat high fiber foods that are healthy for them. Healthy cereal that is gluten free is also available on about 3 out of 4 conventional grocery store shelves.

The best source of high fiber foods is organic whole grains. Whole grain high fiber foods give you about 1 to 4 grams of fiber per serving. Buckwheat flour for example, is a good high fiber food. Buckwheat, used in making cereals and breads, helps to improve the texture and the nutrition content of gluten free breads. This information comes from the journal Food Hydrocolloids.

The organic movement is really gaining momentum all across the United States. As more and people learn about the benefits of eating whole grain organic foods grown on farms that practice green farming techniques, the heath status of Americans will hopefully improve. Doctors and registered nutritionists recommend a daily diet of high fiber foods. Eating healthy foods is the best way to maintain one’s health and to stave off food related diseases. Find out more about high fiber foods and organic farming by reading organic food articles on some of the most well respected sites on the internet today. To learn more, read this.