Taking A Closer Look At The Popularity Of Frozen Treats In The United States

From paper straws to ice cream spoons to ice cream cups to go, there are many ways to enjoy ice cream here in the United States. And there is certainly no doubt about it that ice cream is incredibly popular, particularly during the long and hot summer months. After all, though the average person in the United States will consume ice cream more than 28 times over the course of just one year, June sees more ice cream production – and more ice cream sales – than any other month throughout the entirety of the year.

But ice cream, eaten from paper straws or plastic spoons or anything else that you could possible think of, is certainly still popular throughout the whole year, even during winter months. In fact, nearly half of all people here in the United States alone will consume ice cream at least once every two weeks – if not even more frequently than that. Ice cream as is consumed through a paper straw or from a plastic cup, as you might find at the traditional ice cream parlor, is likely to not be quite as common. However, ice cream served as a side to warmed up pies (such as pumpkin popular, a particularly popular type of pie around the holiday season) is frequently seen at family gatherings and various holiday celebrations.

But aside from ice cream, gelato has also become popular here in the United States. Originating across the ocean in the country of Italy, gelato has become hugely popular in many parts of this country. However, gelato and ice cream, though similar in many different ways, certainly have their differences (though both can be consumed as a milkshake through a paper straw and in many of other similar forms as well). For instance, gelato contains much less air than ice cream – only up to 30% air in the churning process – which makes it much denser than ice cream, which typically contains up to 50% air.

The richness of gelato can also be attributed to the it’s content of milk fat, which never dips below 3% and often soars as high as 8%, depending on the flavor of gelato as well as the gelato brand in question. For this reason, gelato is a decadent treat, and one that comes in many varieties. During summer months, you’ll likely find many kids and adults alike enjoying gelato much in the same way that they enjoy ice cream.

But as delicious and filling and decadent as ice cream and gelato are, something that remains consistent whether they are eaten off of a cone, through a paper straw, or in a cup, they are far from healthy, meaning that they should only be consumed in moderation. For someone with a sweet tooth, limiting the amount of ice cream or gelato that they eat, particularly during the summertime, can prove to be hugely difficult. Fortunately, frozen yogurt can prove to be a healthier way to satisfy just about any sweet tooth.

There is no doubt about it that frozen yogurt has become widely popular among many people in this country alone. In fact, there are now more than 2,500 frozen yogurt shops, as well as many grocery stores that sell a variety frozen yogurt flavors all throughout the country. Frozen yogurt can be made in a variety of flavors much as ice cream and gelato can, from decadent classics like vanilla and chocolate to more tart and fruity varieties, like mango and strawberry and even pomegranate.

Many people even enjoy going to frozen yogurt parlors more than the typical ice cream parlor, as there are a wide array of self serve toppings at the majority of such locations. These toppings range from the very healthy – fresh fruit – the less than healthy, from cookie crumbles to candy pieces. For many people, a frozen yogurt milkshake, drunk through a paper straw, or a frozen yogurt smoothie (also consumed through a paper straw) are likely to be the perfect on the go treats, the frozen yogurt adding the perfect amount of thickness and sweetness to both frozen drinks.