The American Love Of Frozen Dairy

If you chose an American house at random, chances are that house has a refrigerator with ice cream. It is as likely as almost nine out of ten, or 87 percent. The United States loves ice cream, so much so that nine out of ten United States households actually enjoy a sweet, frozen treat on a regular basis. Frozen dairy in the United States is consumed at a rate of about 26 liters for each person on an annual time scale, in other words, the United States’ big appetite for ice cream has led them to be number one in frozen dairy dining.

Ice cream, or alternatively known as frozen dairy, comes in a wide variety of flavors. Vanilla, for example, comes out on top as one of the most favored ice cream flavors, 28 percent to be specific, followed by mint chocolate chip and cookies and cream. That survey was conducted by the International Ice Cream Association.

It may be because its wide variety of flavors that helps the ice cream industry in the United States to generate its continued annual sale of $10 billion. This trend has remained strong since the year of 2010. Surprisingly, vending machines contribute nearly one-tenth of its $10 billion annual sales, about $886 million. This is surprising because vending machines oftentimes do not carry a lot of dairy products. Chocolate ice cream alone takes 14 percent of the sales pie in the United States.

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