Three Ways Party Rental Companies Can Help Planners Organize a Party to Be Remembered

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Planning a party is a stressful endeavor. Whether for a birthday, wedding, anniversary, graduation, bar/bat mitzvah, or any other occasion, a lot of effort goes into ensuring that every detail is well thought out and planned ahead for. There are a number of party rental companies throughout the nation that can help supply chairs, tables, linens, and other necessities to help minimize the cost and stress of planning a party. In addition to the standard party rental equipment, here are some party rental ideas that can liven up any gathering and make it one to remember.


There are simply not enough occasions to rent a bounce house in life
. Children of all ages (and adults too) can have a blast with an inflatable bounce house for birthday parties or any occasion that requires an added bit of novelty and fun. A single 15 x 15 foot bounce house has the capacity to accommodate up to 10 children or four adults at once. When it comes to outdoor fun for all ages, a bounce house could be one of the best party rental ideas you could think of!


Chocolate comes from the cocoa bean; beans belong to the lentil family; lentils fulfill the daily nutritional requirement for vegetables; thus chocolate is a vegetable. Shaky logic aside, making chocolate fountain arrangements for a party could be a fun way to liven up any event. A chocolate fountain melts and serves chocolate fondue that cascades down the typical stepped cone model; most fountains are typically two to four feet tall with a large basin at the base to keep the sweetness flowing. There are a number of chocolate fountain recipe ideas on the internet to keep one’s mind busy; alternatively buying specialized chocolate wafers and serving pretzels, strawberries, and other dip-ables is an even easier way to get the most out of this sweetest of party rental ideas.


Summer parties are the best, except for the brutality of the summer sun. Most of us already spend too much time indoors as it is, so the impetus to plan an outdoor party when the weather is favorable can be compelling at times. To this end, party rental companies are able to install outdoor tents to keep guests comfortable in the shade. An average 40 x 80 foot pole tent takes around four and a half hours to set up; many companies offer professional installation and break-down to help party planners organize and execute events with minimum effort. In addition to providing a tent, party rental companies can supply everything else you would need with the exception of the food, guests, and embarrassing relatives!