Desserts Are Fast Becoming Our Favorite Foods

Drink cups

Do you love ice cream, gelato, and other desserts and truly can’t get enough? If you love a frozen treat because it reminds you of the sugary sweets you indulged in as a child, then you have probably used paper ice cream cups at some point in time. We are distributors of individual ice cream cups that bring you the joyous desserts you’ve been waiting for, whether it’s in your favorite restaurant, or at home. We specialize in frozen dessert supplies, from gelato cups, ice cream cups, and plastic spoons that you can use at your business or home when you’re reliving one of the best parts of your childhood – a frozen delight.

Facts About Our Favorite Food, Ice Cream

Are sweets your favorite and you can’t get enough? According to statistics, there are approximately 1.5 billion gallons of ice cream and similar desserts products every year across the U.S., making them items that are vastly sold on store shelves and in businesses. 90% of people regularly indulge in some type of frozen treat and the average American is said to have enjoyed ice cream over 28 times this year alone! Because we have a growing need for ice cream desserts, it is no surprise that about 9% of the milk produced by dairy farmers in a year is used to produce ice cream. And, just to top it off, June, one of the hottest months of the year and the time when everybody has ice cream cravings, is the month when the most ice cream is produced to feed the demands. Vanilla remains one of the most popular and beloved flavors out of them all with 28% of people enjoying it the most. Whether you enjoy ice cream, frozen yogurt, or gelato the most, ice cream-related treats are some of the most delicious and indulgent foods on the market and we want you to enjoy them each and every time.

Whether you’re looking for ice cream party supplies, supplies for in your ice cream shop, or supplies for an everyday basis because you are a family who absolutely adores ice cream, we can help you stay supplied when you need us the most. Ice cream has taken the world by storm since it was first introduced, and we want to play a role in bringing this delight into your life!