Health Nut Or Classic Lover? What Your Favorite Frozen Treat Says About You

Plastic gelato cups

What’s your favorite kind of ice cream?

This is a great conversation starter for more than one reason. Who doesn’t like thinking about their favorite sweet, creamy treat? Even people who aren’t huge fans can still find something about frozen yogurt or ice cream sundaes to enjoy, stressing the almost universal appeal of this classic snack. Whether you live in a small town or a major city, you likely know a few ice cream stores or frozen yogurt shops in your area. Check out some of the fun facts on this list next time you think of grabbing some ice cream sundaes with your friends.

Ice Cream Has Been Around For Centuries

This can prove surprising for some. How is something so modern actually so old? Turns out ice cream (or what was known as ice cream) has been around for quite a few centuries. Ancient Chinese and Middle Eastern societies, for starters, have evidence of cellars storing ice and crushed fruits to stave off the summer heat. That’s not the only evidence of a lengthy history, either. Refrigerated trucks, commonly seen traveling across the United States to transport all sorts of products, were actually first pioneered by the ice cream industry to increase sales!

Chocolate Is Good For Your Health

Yes, you can put some of that guilt away next time you reach for that chocolate bar. Chocolate is actually pretty good for your health, as evidenced by a few recent studies, and could do a number of nice things for your constitution. Raw, dark chocolate has the ability to reduce your bad cholesterol levels, lower your risk of intestinal issues (think diarrhea or bloating) and can even give you your daily recommended amount of antioxidants. It’s important to remember, however, this applies to basic dark chocolate and not products filled with additional sugar and high fructose corn syrup.

Frozen Yogurt Is A Great Healthy Replacement

Similar to above, alternatives to ice cream exist to help people watch their weight even as they get that dastardly craving for sweet stuff. Putting less emphasis on heavy milk and cream in favor of crushed fruits and lighter ingredients, frozen yogurt is a perfect snack or treat for just about any occasion. The end of 2013 saw an estimated 2,500 frozen yogurt stores spanning the United States, which is perfect for new fans and old fans alike! Dessert supplies are also better than they’ve ever been, with frozen yogurt supplies offering colored spoons for tasting and on-the-go cups for the busy customer.

Gelato Is A Fun Spin On A Classic

Want to shake things up when getting your ice cream sundaes? Try gelato on for size. Your average tub of ice cream will contain more than 50% air after the traditional churning process, contributing to that delightful fluffy look that makes commercials look so appealing. Gelato, however, contains just 25% to 30% air as well as higher amounts of milkfat. This gives it a smooth and creamy texture that has people salivating at the mere mention. Gelato supplies are in a good spot these days, as the average American will eat ice cream 28 times in a year.

Ice Cream Brings Us Together

This sounds corny, but the fact of the matter is that ice cream brings us all together. Ice cream sundaes always end a dinner on a high note. Frozen treats cheer up children and adults alike on a hot day. Ice cream cups and gelato spoons are a modern incarnation of a very old human tradition spanning thousands of cultures! The NPD Group found that, in any given two-week period, 40% of Americans will indulge in ice cream, gelato or frozen yogurt. As of today the most popular flavor is vanilla, though chocolate, raspberry and pistachio have a pretty steady fanbase!

Ice cream is a great treat. What new flavors could you be trying this year?