Four Ways to Successfully Introduce Greens to Your Diet

Edible flowers

It can be difficult to transition to a healthier eating habit, especially if you are not used to it. Transitioning to a vegetable heavy diet should be a gradual process. Jumping into this healthy lifestyle can make it impossible to adjust. The following tips will help you develop a healthier lifestyle, instead of a crash diet.

Introduce vegetables and fruits to your diet

If vegetables and fruits are not currently a part of your diet, it is best to slowly introduce them. Change out one of your daily snacks for a plate of vegetables. Instead of grabbing a muffin or bagel in the morning for breakfast, consider a plate of fruit. Even adding vegetables to your daily lunch and dinner choices can help you get used to the habit of eating healthier. Over time, consuming large amounts of vegetables will be simply a part of your everyday diet.

Do your research

Everything that is green is not necessarily good for you. There is a lot of false information in the dieting and healthy eating world. Just because it looks good does not mean that it is. Additionally, the other side of this statement is also true. Just because it looks like it is bad for you does not mean that it is. There are perhaps 100 types of common garden flowers that are both edible and palatable. It is possible that you have a garden full of healthy food options that you are not even aware of. Do your research and keep up with the latest information on the healthiest greens. Currently, you will find that micro green varieties are one of the best sources of vegetables on the market.

Know where to shop

The healthiest of foods are not found everywhere. For example, if you decide to introduce micro green varieties to your diet, you might have to make a special shopping trip. Micro green varieties are not often found at your local grocery store. However, it is likely that there are a couple of health foods stores local to your location, some that you might not even know about. In addition to finding healthy foods like micro herbs and petite micro greens, it is also important to know what types to purchase.

Microgreens are generally rated on a scale ranged from 1 (poor) to 5 (excellent). A marketability threshold is 3 and up (on the visual quality scale). A rating of less than three designates an unmarketable product. Doing your research ahead of time and knowing where to shop will help you choose micro green varieties that are rated a three or higher.

Find unique ways to incorporate greens into your diet

Of course, you could change out your favorite dinner items for salads filled with micro greens. However, if you still finish your meal with a large dessert, you are defeating the healthy lifestyle change. Fortunately, there are unique ways to introduce greens to the most unhealthy of meals, including desserts. Adding edible flowers for salads, for example, makes them more appealing and healthier. Additionally, adding microgreens to salads, even salads that are drenched in ranch dressing, provides you with the healthier nutrients you need, while also giving you the taste that you crave.

This unique twist on healthy foods is the highlight of many upscale restaurants. Diners know that they can choose healthier dishes that are also tasty. Visits to fine dining restaurants were up 3% in the past year (meaning there were thousands, if not millions, more Americans dining in upscale restaurants).

The majority of Americans today do consume enough greens in their daily diets. Crash dieting often does not work, because it is not permanent. Instead of entirely changing your diet to include only vegetables, find unique ways to incorporate them into your life. Know where to shop and do your research ahead of time and you will find that adjusting to a healthier diet is easier than ever.