Why Those On A Gluten-Free Or Vegan Diet Should Consider Eating Peanuts More Often

Nutritional breakdown of peanut butter

When you’re on a diet you look for ways to get the most out of your limited calorie count. This can be difficult when your options are slimmer and you need to whittle down your usual grocery list every time you go out shopping. Peanut benefits are one such resource to take advantage of when you’re counting calories and your daily nutrition intake. The benefits of eating peanuts have been deeply studied for centuries and enjoy steady attention from people from all cultures and walks of life.

Peanuts Have A Low Amount Of Calories

Checking your calorie count can be difficult, especially if you previously enjoyed a more casual stance toward your day-to-day diet. Peanut benefits can stem toward your calorie count and reduce your stress as you find meals that suit your new diet. Peanuts provide 15% of the Reference Daily Intake level of protein (also known as RDI). These aren’t the only peanut benefits, however.

You’ll Have Plenty Of Protein And Healthy Cholesterol

Peanut benefits stretch all across the board. A single helping of peanuts can see you knocking out a few necessities on your list and in a very tasty manner, at that. An ounce of raw peanuts contains over seven grams of protein. It also has two grams of dietary fiber and can help you feel full even through its lower-than-average calorie count. It’s estimated Americans consume over 700 million pounds of peanut butter every year.

Peanuts Can Be Mixed In All Sorts Of Dishes

When you’re on a diet and on-the-go it can seem like a bit much to think of what to cook. Peanuts are a high protein snack that can be tossed in with a bunch of other nuts and dried fruits to make a healthy addition to your day. They can be mixed with salads or a quick stir-fry for flavor. Even the nutritional breakdown of peanut butter can see a sandwich or a cracker spread keeping you fit.

Gluten-Free And Vegan Diets Will Benefit

Those who are living on an alternative diet will be happy to know the additional benefits of adding peanuts to a daily diet. Peanut flour is a popular choice for many because of its high concentration of protein (as much as 50%) and gluten-free benefits. Vegans especially can glean a lot of positives from the nutrients in peanuts due to needing alternate sources for protein and iron. Peanuts comprise nearly 70% of all nut consumption in the United States. Why not start cooking with peanut oil or buying more raw peanuts?

A Healthy Diet Routine Should Have Peanuts Daily

People diet for different reasons. Some want to shed a few pounds for health reasons, while others are trying to eliminate harmful saturated fats and processed sugars. No matter where you stand, peanut benefits will support you from top-to-bottom. They have a high amount of protein and healthy cholesterol, they can be thrown into many dishes and are easy to eat on-the-go. You can even encourage a healthier heart and a happier digestive system by reaching for a handful every day.

Rather than trim out the basics from a new diet, add them back in with the aid of heart healthy peanuts.