Hot Coffee and Soup Americans Love Them Both


Americans love their coffee. Roughly 150 million people in the United States regularly enjoy drinking espressos, cappuccinos, lattes, and iced or cold coffees. This tends to be a favorite beverage for many individuals.

Even though 30% of Americans just drink coffee on occasion, others do so every day. While 65% of Americans may have their coffee with breakfast, 30% is consumed between meals. The remaining 5% is enjoyed with other meals and by itself as well. While 35% of coffee drinkers prefer their’s black, 65% will add a bit of cream and/or sugar.

When people go out for a cup of coffee, the average paper cup size is 9 ounces. Some cafes and delis, however, may offer a larger paper cup size. While most of the coffee purchased at independent coffee shops is brewed, 31% is for espresso-based drinks such as vanilla lattes and iced mochas.

There’s good news for coffee drinkers that may be limiting their intake. A recent study showed that drinking 3 to 5 cups of coffee every day can help to prevent the cognitive decline associated with aging. The study revealed that there was a 65% decrease in an individual’s possibility of developing Alzheimer’s disease or another form of dementia.

Americans also love their soup. Chicken noodle, beef and barley, lentil, and the list goes on. While women tend to order soup for lunch twice as often as men, many men also have their favorite types of soup. In fact, recent figures show that over 10 billion bowls are consumed every year in the United States.

It’s interesting to note that in 2016, 32.1% of delis were planning to enhance their soup stations. This is probably because of all those hot soup lovers out there that asked for more choices, including their favorites. Since many Americans don’t like to have a heavy lunch, or want to enjoy the traditional pairing of a soup and sandwich, having more hot soup options makes sense.

Many people believe a great cup of coffee and a delicious bowl of soup go hand-in-hand. These will continue to be American favorites whether they’re consumed together or separately.