What Is The Newest Trend In Weddings? Here Are Four Reasons To Have A Brunch Wedding!

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Are you currently planning your wedding? If so you need to know about the hottest new trend – wedding brunch.

Granted, getting married in the morning and following it up with brunch may not be able the most traditional wedding idea. But isn’t time to give some of the wedding traditions a rest and make room for some new, fresh ideas?

If you are ready for something new and different, if you ready to take a more modern approach to your wedding, then a Sunday brunch wedding might be just the right thing for you.

Why Choose a Brunch Wedding?

  1. Who doesn’t love brunch? When you offer selections of pancakes, waffles, tacos, an omelet bar, a variety of everyone?s favorite sandwiches, maybe even a cereal station even the pickiest of eaters will find something to please them. A brunch menu is a guaranteed crowd pleaser, especially once the mimosas are flowing.
  2. Brunch can be as fancy, or as informal as would like it. You get to be in complete control over how dressed up, or how dressed down, the wedding and brunch to follow will be. Are you planning a big shindig, inviting everyone you know? Or, are you keen on a more intimate soiree? Either way, after your dream wedding is finished, you can celebrate with brunch.
  3. Venues will have more openings at that time. When you are planning to get married on a Saturday afternoon, you will find that places to have a wedding reception will be booked months, even years out. However mid to late morning is more likely to be open, giving you your pick of ideal wedding party venues. If you choose a Sunday you will find even more dates and venues will be open to you.
  4. A brunch wedding is a great way to save some money. As previously stated, mornings are not in as high demand as afternoons or evenings. Do you know what that means? Venues charge less for that time slot! Sunday brunch weddings equal extra money for your honeymoon, or maybe for the down payment on your future home.

When it comes time to plan your wedding and reception, why not consider delighting everyone by choosing a fun Sunday brunch wedding?