Looking for a Great Party Food? You Might Want to Try Hummus

Fresh salsa

Whether you’ve hosted a big Super Bowl party, or you’ve simply entertained a small gathering of friends, you know the importance of having the right party foods on hand. From classic mild salsa to spicy fresh guacamole, the right dips can be perfect for use with chips, or vegetables such as carrots, peppers, or celery.

When it comes to having quality dips for your parties, hummus recipes can be be quite effective. The word hummus is translated as “chickpeas” in Arabic, but the actual full name for the food is “hummus bi tahini,” or “chickpeas with tahini.” Interestingly, the biggest plate of hummus (which holds the Guinness World Record) contained 154 pounds of olive oil, eight tons of chickpeas that had been boiled, two tons of lemon juice, and two tons of tahini. Overall, it weighed more than four automobiles of average size would altogether.

Typically, hummus is garnished with a bit of paprika, parsley that has been chopped, or the slightest bit of olive oil on top. Hummus is often put together with vegetables or pita bread, but there are also other recipes using hummus, and it can be spread on sandwiches as well.

If you have any additional questions, comments or recipe tips regarding anything from hummus to spicy fresh guacamole, feel free to share your ideas in the forum below.