The Secret to Planning an Elegant Outdoor Wedding

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A wedding is a cause for celebration as two people vow to spend their lives together. For this reason, many couples are thinking of different ways to make their special day unique. The average wedding budget is $28,385 for the wedding and reception alone. With such high budgets, many couples are understandably looking for unique places for wedding receptions and ceremonies. Statistics report that one out of every three weddings are now outdoor occasions. To supplement this advancing wedding trend, here are three of the top outdoor places for wedding receptions over the past few years.


The majestic beauty of nature is awe-inspiring. To this end, many couples are opting for a more natural setting to take their vows and celebrate with their guests. There are 6,624 state parks across the nation and 58 national parks; this gives couples an overwhelming number of options for outdoor wedding places. Some parks even have specialized areas that are specifically devoted to weddings and similar occasions. For those looking for natural outdoor wedding location, there is no replacement for a park.

Destination Weddings

A growing number of couples are traveling far from home to tie the knot in some of the most beautiful areas on the planet. Destination weddings offer a more exotic and vacation-esque atmosphere for couples and their guests. From white-sand beaches to gorgeous mountains to beautiful gardens, couples have a number of available places for wedding receptions and ceremonies that is only limited by their imagination.

Luxury Golf Resorts

For those looking for the beauty of nature without sacrificing elegance and refinement, a golf resort may be one of the best options for a wedding place. Having its origins in the UK, by 1900 there were over 1000 golf clubs in the United States. The picturesque landscape and high-class interior of golf resorts mark them as some of the most romantic wedding places in the country. Many golf resorts have chapels for wedding ceremonies, rooms for guests, and brunches for the morning after — likewise brunch began in England and slowly started to catch on in the United States. Many golf resorts also offer instructors to professionally help couples and their guests learn to play golf if they so choose. Luxury golf resorts could turn a wedding night into an exciting weekend for couples and guests alike — this is why they remain one of the top places for wedding receptions and ceremonies in the United States.