The 6 Types of Ice Cream!

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream. It is one of the most popular desserts in the world, with people of every age indulging in it’s creamy cold goodness. There are thousands of flavours and types of this frozen delicacy, but have you ever wondered what the differences are? Frozen Sorbet and Sherbet? Frozen yogurt or frozen custard? Here I will give you a quick rundown of the different types of frozen desserts.

  1. Sorbet. This frozen treat is created using just fruit juice and sugars. This gives it a particularly strong fruity flavor, without a creamy consistency. Sorbet is a good choice for those with dairy and gluten sensitivities, as it is free of both! It is sometimes used at restaurants as a palate cleanser between courses! Additionally, it can be really easy to make at home!
  2. Sherbet Sherbet is the cousin of sorbet. The main difference is that it contains anywhere from 1 to 2% milk or cream. This makes it slightly more creamy than traditional sorbet, while still keeping a strong flavor.
  3. Ice Cream In order for the ice cream title to be place upon a frozen dessert, it must contain 10% milk fat or more. It also must be churned while freezing, and be sweet. Can you imagine what unsweet ice cream would taste like? Ew!
  4. Gelato While it means “ice cream” in Italian, it is different from what most Americans would liken the title to. It contains only 3 to 8% milk fat, and only 25 to 30% air. In contrast, ice cream as most know it, contains 50% or more air after being churned. This lower air content makes gelatos consistency thicker than your usual rocky road.
  5. Frozen CustardThis ice cream is extremely creamy and dense. While created the same as traditional ice cream, egg yolk is added into the mixture. If you live in the American south or midwest, you are more likely to have come across this variety. It can be used in ice cream sundaes and even milkshakes, just expect it to be really thick (but delicious)!
  6. Frozen Yogurt The yogurt used in this frozen treat makes the desert even creamier than other varieties, and it is capable of being used in many of the same ways standard ice cream is. Though, while it is lower in calories than a standard ice cream cup, there are low fat ice cream option that have around the same caloric content. Really, it’s a matter of personal preference!

Humans have been making ice cream for centuries, and every culture has their own special variety of the frozen treat. Just in America; however, it is clear that ice cream, in any of its varieties holds a special place in the limelight. A king among the others in the frozen dessert aisle, 1.5 billion gallons of it are produced annually in the United States, and the average person will consume it 28.5 times in a year. Though, if we’re being honest that is a modest number; who hasn’t secretly indulged in an entire pint themselves? I (hope) I’m not the only one! So, what’s your favourite? Are you a traditional ice cream kind of person, or a connoisseur of gelato? Do you prefer sorbet to sherbet? Frozen custard to frozen yogurt? Let us know in the comments below! Stay frosty everyone!