What You Need to Know About Event Catering and Catering Ideas

It doesn’t matter how big or how small your event, or whether it’s a corporate event, a wedding, or even just a big family reunion. To cater a great event, all you need is knowledge, some event catering ideas, and the drive to make it happen.

What You Need to Know About Events and Catering

Before considering event catering ideas, it’s a good thing to know a bit about the customs and where trends.

  • What you should expect from your caterer Caterers are busy people, managing a staff of servers, cleaners, cooks, and dishwashers. They have to be acutely aware of schedules, settings, food safety regulations and serving customs for different types and requirements of clients. A good caterer is adaptable and can provide a dinner catering menu that adjusts to cope with allergies and religious dietary requirements. But they have to be told!

    Some caterers will take care of the decor and table presentations, so this is worth asking about if you feel out of your depth. Also, the caterer and all staff should know all the most current food safety laws in their state and comply with them. It might also be helpful to know that you typically aren’t paying for the leftover when you hire a caterer. You’re only paying for what you eat on the spot unless you arrange differently in advance.

  • Wedding Trends in Catering Coming up with some event catering ideas is easier when you know what’s trending. These days, more and more couples are interested in sustainability and organics, meaning that many brides and grooms want at least one green course at their wedding. Another new trend is to offer a snack late into the evening, to accommodate guests who’ve remained long after the wedding ceremony has taken place. The best wedding menus are also no longer heavy on the cream sauces, deep fried dishes, and pork chops. Instead, light foods, ethnic offerings, and even food bars that offer make-your-own tacos, sliders, sundaes, or nachos are becoming all the rage.
  • Corporate Event Trends in Catering If you’re catering for some kind of business event, the trends are away from sit-down meals and into street food, like food truck-style options. There’s also rising demand among corporations for healthier food options, and event catering ideas need to include varied and delicious gluten-free options these days. Gluten-free and vegetarian options can no longer be an after-thought. At the same time, trendy bacon food items are all the rage, as are appetizers and tapas.

Event Catering Ideas

Here are some ideas for making your catered event one that people will remember and still keep to your budget.

  • Consider crafting some signature cocktails Everyone loves a cocktail and having something unique and fun in this area will help to keep from breaking the bank. These should be on point to highlight the event, the company logo, or certain people who will be attending.
  • Buffet event catering ideas A buffet is always a great idea when it comes to smaller businesses. They can be adapted to nearly any budget and allow you to satisfy a variety of tastes, allergy issues, and quantity preferences at the same time. Each guest can create his or her own unique meal, which is highly satisfying. Also, ordering in bulk is a lot cheaper than ordering a certain number of individual meals.
  • Consider the benefits of drop-off catering If you think catering is only for that once-a-year big event, then try doing it more often drop-off style. It’s cheaper than having caterers do elaborate setup and cleanup, and the food is typically delivered in individual boxes with all the things you need to quickly set it up and clean it up yourself. It also allows you to satisfy everyone without taking too much time from work.

There are many other event catering ideas that your wedding or corporate catering company can help you come up with. Know what to look for in a caterer and what’s trending and you’ll be able to host an event to be remembered.