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Food and hygiene course, Food handling certificate, Food safety course

Strong Food Handling Courses Can Help Make Sure that Food Stays Safe and Healthy

Every year, one in six Americans suffers from a food borne illness, according to estimates from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Restaurants and other businesses that specialize in handling food regularly might want to consider taking a food safety course in order to do their part in minimizing that number. Taking a food […]


Organic Food, the Definition and Subculture

For organic food definition is one of the most difficult factors to pin down. This is because there are so many organic food definitions. An organic food definition is usually taken to mean a food which is lacking a particular quota of fertilizer. For example, an organic food might be beef taken from the meat […]

Food and hygiene course, Food handling certificate, Food safety certification

In The Food Service Industry, Food Protection Courses Help To Keep Food Safe

Food borne illness are very serious and they can have very serious implications on an individual’s health. In 2011, there were 5,461,731 cases of foodborne norovirus in the United States; 14,663 of those required hospitalization. The average household expenditure on food purchased and eaten away from home was $2,620 in 2011. Following proper procedures for […]

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Bottleless Water Cooler, an Office Utensil for the 21st Century

A point of use water cooler can help relieve worry about keeping an office supplied and constantly having to get more bottles. This is true especially now that four major municipalities, New York, Seattle, San Francisco and Chicago, have banned government funding for bottled water. point of use water coolers represent the future. A bottleless […]


The difference between organic food and natural food

There are many organic food definitions. One organic food definition that accurately describes what an organic food is the definition of the Food and Drug Administration Agency. According to FDA, when you say that the food is organic, this does not cover only the food. It also includes the way the food was produced. The […]